Shoulder Motivation



A little motivation.

Here is a short video of my shoulder workout.

 I find it best to work with slightly higher reps and more isolation movements when training shoulders. I still incorporate the pressing movements at the beginning of my workout such as OHP (over head press) with lower rep ranges (5×5) and then again with the split jerk half way through. For the majority of the time however I will use a lighter weight and aim at targeting the individual delt muscles especially my rear delt as I find this is a lagging point for most people (myself included).

Below is my Split:

OHP 5×5
Lateral Raises 5×10
Upright Row 5×10
Split Jerk 5×5
Rear Delt Fly 5 x 12
Cable Press 5×8
Face Pull 5×15

For me I find that I can progressively increase my major lifts whilst also ensuring full stimulation via isolation movements. I am not saying this is how you have to train shoulders but this is just what is working best for me at the moment.


Because shoulder muscles are so small you really do not have to worry about moving masses of weight. Focus on quality of movement and you will find a small amount of weight will really make them burn. If too much weight is used you will end up engaging your back muscles or use momentum to complete the movement.

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