WearWolf Clothing Review

I was recently sent out a number of items of clothing from the brand WearWolf to shoot with so I thought I would do a short review on the clothing.

I would like to clarify that I am not sponsored by this company, they were extremely generous and sent me a bunch of stuff and this is my honest opinion of their clothing.


Ben Marshall


The stringers come in a number of colours and I have to say all are visually stunning. The material is soft but slightly elasticated due to the spandex in the weave allowing a soft but versatile top.

I really liked the material however the only fault I can find is the fit. I wouldn’t say it is really a “stringer” style, the cut is more of a vest, being much tighter fitting and less baggy than I had been expecting. I am 6’3 and received an XL, this fits me but it is a shame they do not make a XXL as I think I would choose to go up in one size.

Ben Marshall


These shorts are amazing, they come with a compression inner legging which means they fit incredibly well, I would normally choose a 32” waist which would be a Medium, however I received a Large size and they fit incredibly well. A nice length that comes up just above the knee, with a back cycling style zip pocket for keys or an ipod. These are fantastic and I would highly recommend them if you are looking for some new athletic shorts.

IMG_4105 (3)


The t-shirts by WearWolf are on par with some of the best athletic to lifestyle cross over t-shirts I have seen. Light and comfortable whilst also stylish the AirTech T-shirt really combines everything you need in a top. A super fit the shirt hugs your body it in a very comfortable way without being restrictive. I would honestly say these are some of the nicest sports/ lifestyle t-shirts I have come across, they have a long fit and feel incredible on your back. I would happy wear this for exercise as well as day to day lifestyle.

Ben Marshall


Sadly for me the jumper does not follow the success of the t-shirts as it comes in a much wider fit than it is long. The material is really nice but the actual fit is boxy. I received an XL which would be my normal size in most jumpers but for me I would choose to have either a Large or a Medium giving me a tight but better fit. There was a lot of loose material at the back as the size obviously caters for wearers looking at the XL size to be wider than tall. It is a real shame as this could be a lovely top but sadly I do not see myself wearing it very much due to the fit.


As with any clothing products size is always tough when ordering on line but my suggestion would maybe aim for a size bigger than you normally would. When talking about the actual products themselves WearWolf have some of the nicest products out there with extremely high quality. Whether looking for casual clothes or something to wear in the gym I would recommend WearWolf products.


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