5 Ways to be More Successful

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5 Ways to be More Successful

Here are my top 5 tips for being more successful in everything you do. I use these everyday and it helps me get the most out of every single day.

Wake up early

Waking up early is the most productive thing you can do, and when I say early I do not mean 7am. I mean 5am or earlier. Yes this might make you groan but if you can drag yourself out of your bed and get started on your day you will have gained two more hours than almost everyone else and trust me when I say you feel fantastic doing it.

When you wake up… as long as you stay awake and actually get up, your body should be fully rested and ready to go. Your brain should be working at full capacity, able to make use of this time when there are no distractions and it is quiet allowing you to get on with what really matters.

As the days are getting longer and longer you will feel more awake for longer periods of time, studies have shown that our bodies adapt to the natural light cycle, sleeping more in the winter and needing less in the summer. After a few days of getting up early you won’t even notice it.

Exercise in the morning

The perfect way to wake you up, and achieve something before the day begins. This goes hand in hand with waking up early.

This is especially true if you want to be successful in reaching a fitness goal or whether you want to be successful in other areas of your life, exercise is king for making you feel good, productive and energetic.

After a long day at work most people will not want to go to an overcrowded gym to try and get a workout in. So they don’t, they make an excuse to themselves and go home creating a day of lethargy.

If fitness is the area you want to be successful in then be aware there is no secret benefit to weight loss or muscle gain by exercising in the morning, the big secret is that it gives you time to exercise. In terms of fitness goals it means you can complete your work out and stay on track.

If fitness isn’t your direct goal you shouldn’t neglect this little trick, exercise is a effort and reward complex which in turn sets up your day to be positive from the start. The chemistry behind this is the endorphin hit you will get from the exercise will set you up in a great mood to face the day.

Listen to music

Music has an emotional engagement which can stimulate many functions in the brain. Listening to the correct music for a chosen activity can dramatically improve your output. This has been shown in sport and also study. Do not choose to listen to the radio with mindless chatter, and I would advise trying to work without lyrical music playing behind you. Your brain ends up focusing on the words of the music distracting your thought process. Choose instrumental music, calm or progressive can be used. Although be aware that if you are tired calm music may not help your concentration… whereas others may find this centres their minds, you’ll have to find out yourself. Personally I like to listen to calm but progressive music, not classical (although this works brilliantly for some people).

Eat correctly

Making sure your diet is in check will help you no end when it comes to being productive, if your body is correctly fuelled you won’t be distracted by hunger or thoughts of food. Similarly if you are eating an unbalanced diet then you will probably feel lethargic, unenthusiastic and probably not the most positive about yourself.

Carbs – please get over this horrible lie that carbs are bad for you. They are not! They are energy!! Your body needs this to function and more importantly your brain needs this to function. If you’re having trouble concentrating have a banana or some cereal and you will feel much better.

Fats  – fats control our hormones, if your hormones are messed up there is no way you’re going to feel good in yourself or be able to be productive.

Protein – if you’re trying to be fit protein is a must to retain muscle and to help nitrogen balance in the body. If you’re trying to be successful outside of fitness protein is still essential to prioritise in your diet as not only does it fill you up longer, keeping hunger away, but it is extremely satisfying stopping cravings, keeping you focused.

Also included in this little section is drinking enough liquid. Now liquid intake does not have to be 8 glasses a day, water intake is very individual, some people need a lot more than this others need less. However having water next to us not only encourages us to drink more which is good, but also most of the time when we are dehydrated we have headaches or we confuse this for hunger when actually it’s just thirst. Having water on hand can prevent both these from occurring.

 Be proactively productive

This may sound obvious if you’re trying to be productive but stick with me.

What I mean by proactively productive is by making sure you have a clear plan of what you want to achieve and then ensuring that your preparation for that is in line with this plan.

Too many people when faced with a task will become incredibly productive in all different areas, cleaning, organising or sorting everything out, this is just a distraction technique stopping you from actually progressing with what you need to. Yes the actions might be “productive” but they are not proactively aiming you towards achieving your goal. These are procrastination!

Consider what you need to do and focus on this and this alone.

If you find yourself with spare moments think about what you can do next to help you achieve your goal.

Those are my top 5 tips to being more successful generally in life, these apply to working or study, training or anything goal related. I am far from perfect and sometimes it is hard to keep these in mind, especially being proactively productive; I am a huge one for procrastination. But just try to be mindful of these and you can see the difference it will make to your work ethic.



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    1. Thank you, I am going to write more in depth posts on this to help further the understanding, if there is anything you personally would like more info on let me know and I will try and include it. 🙂

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