5 Best Ways to Focus Your Mind

Benjamin J Marshall

Here are my 5 best ways to focus your mind to allow you to achieve your goals 

Many people really struggle to focus on a project. Either they will put it off or procrastinate with almost anything else possible. Sadly most of our lives now revolve around paperwork be it physical or online, this is true for studies, applications, work or even filling out tax forms. These tend to be tedious and therefore hard to focus on. However these techniques work for more than just paper so embrace them into any area where you want to concentrate.

Outcome / reward

Really ask yourself why you are doing this? What is the outcome? Focusing on the outcome of a particular activity can make you realise the value in it. The actual activity might not be interesting or exciting but the reward might be extremely valuable to you. Think about studying for a university test. The study might not be particularly engaging however getting your degree is priceless to most people.

So ask yourself is this really important to you… The answer should be yes otherwise you really need to think about why are you spending your time doing it? So let us take it that, Yes this is important. If it is important to you then you are the only one losing out by not completing it.

Time frame

The realisation that there is a timeframe on something is a huge way to boost motivation and stay focused.

If you have a project that needs to be done in a week then the realisation that right this very second is the longest time till its due is a powerful way of making use your time efficiently.

You will never have more time than you do right now.

No one likes the idea of wasting time and normally if you sit down and put your mind to something you can complete it in a much shorter amount of time and in a more effective way. Otherwise you spend the day on what should have been an hour job.

I don’t have time to waste like this so for me time frame is the biggest motivator.


If you are really finding it hard to stay focused on something without the outside world distracting you then use music to direct your attention. Choose something instrumental, so that you don’t get distracted by the lyrics and then either have something peaceful to drown out the external noise or use something motivational to keep your attention. YouTube is full of compilations of music. Have a search and you will find some brilliant things. (Instrumental Motivation, most inspiring instrumental music)

…coffee ?

Does this one even need explaining?

I don’t like the idea of reliance on stimulants or products to achieve however when you have been concentrating for a long time sometimes a little caffeine hit can help out.

If you drink coffee a lot then one cup probably doesn’t affect you too much. I would advise you to try and limit your coffee intake as much as possible so that when you do “need “ a coffee it is more effective.

So those are my 5 best ways to focus. They work really well for me so give them try and let me know how you stay focused. Do you set rewards for accomplishments or just leave everything till the last minute and panic.


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