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**Edit: I posted this in 2016 before I went vegan in 2017, I have left this up for accountability but I do not promote the use of any animal products for any reason especially in health.

I have a lot of people ask me about my diet, normally it is the first thing someone will mention to me when talking about fitness. “So what foods should I eat? “ What supplements should I take?”

Many people make assumptions from random strands of information they have heard in the media or passed around the gym floor which are normally incorrect or sometimes just plain bad advice.

There is so much incorrect “stereotype fitness” information that is thrown around about food and fad diets which ultimately leads to people not understanding nutrition at all. This incorrect information then leads to confusion for most people and causes them to implement bad practice.

Here is just a quick overview answering some of the most regular questions I get asked:

“You have abs you must not eat carbs”

No, I eat lots of carbs, in fact cabs make up 50% of my diet. Not eating carbs wont give you abs, however being in a calorific deficit for enough time to lower your body fat will.

“I want to lose weight should I eat stop eating unhealthy foods”

There is no such thing as unhealthy foods; you can’t categorise food in this way. You can judge an entire day of eating if it is healthy and by healthy I mean balanced but not a singular food item. If you cut out so called “junk” food which tends to be heavily calorie dense then it will most like make it easier to keep your nutrition in check.

watch For example

If you only ate pizza for the day… yes this is an unbalanced day

However if you only ate lettuce for a day …this is just as unbalanced

Arguably the lettuce would be far more detrimental to your overall health than the pizza as you would be in an extreme calorific deficit and unlikely to function properly.


“What foods they should eat for breakfast? Should I skip it”

Whatever you want, if you don’t like eating a lot of food in the morning then don’t force yourself to; if you’re really hungry when you wake up have a big breakfast. Doesn’t matter if it is high fat or high carb, it is down to overall daily balance and more importantly, what works best for YOU.

If something doesn’t work for you, you won’t stick with it and that’s the problem. 

How many calories should I eat a day?”

This depends completely on your lifestyle, height, weight, and exercise regime.

If you’re running around on your feet all day then you will burn more than someone who is sedentary.

You can calculate your calorie intake by googling calorie calculator.

“What Diet should I go on?”

You shouldn’t be going ON to a diet, if you go ON to a diet you can come off it. Your “diet” is just the foods you consume everyday and you should be aiming to have an overall better diet for you.

“Should I cut out bread to lose weight?”

If you cut out a food source from your diet yes you will lose weight … that is as long as you don’t replace it with something else.

Many people have the preconception that one type of food will make you fat, this simply isn’t true. All foods will make you fat if eaten in excess. You can lose weight eating chocolate and you can gain weight on salad.

Don’t cut out a food type if you enjoy it, just find a way to make it work in your diet and not eat it in excess.


My opinion towards food and your diet is:

Having a basic understanding of your calorific needs,


Eating appropriately for you.

Don’t restrict yourself and don’t “cut” anything out, allow yourself chocolate, sweets, pizza they all have a place in your diet, it might just be the moderation of them that you have to be more aware of.

Enjoy you foods and your “diet” won’t be a chore at all.

(Yes all the food pictured above was mine, and it was damn taste)

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